If our Sidewalkbridge equipment has an increasing discoloration, then a carefully designed preventive maintenance program is immediately activated. Otherwise, the costs of preventive maintenance might actually outweigh the benefits. The objective of a good preventive maintenance program for the sidewalk bridge equipment is to either minimize the overall costs (or downtime, etc.) or meet reliable testing. In order to achieve this, an appropriate scheduled maintenance is to be determined. One way to do that is to use the premium paint system which is performed in our local facility or the sidewalk bridge is discarded and replaced.  
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We check and see if there is any Debris on top of the "sidewalk shed"

Se if the Materials stored on top of the sidewalk sheds are within the guidelines of the capacity filed.

Search the "sidewalk scaffolding" for gaps or openings on sidewalk sheds.

See if Parapet Panels are missing.

Solid Barrier or Chain Link Fence and Debris netting is missing/damaged.

View Panels in Solid Barrier Fence to see if there is any missing or damaged.

Ensure that tamper proof nuts have not been installed.

 Double check the bolts under the sidewalk shed to see if they have been padded covered or are missing.sidewalk bridge equipment

Inspect the shed for Nails (must be installed in the mud sills)

Test the lights under the sidewalk shed and see if any are broken or blown out.

Install vandal proof cages where necessary in case some are missing or damaged.

View electrical conduit under the "sidewalk scaffolding" to se if it is installed properly.

List Permit No. and Expiration Date on Sign.

All cross bracing must be in place and secure.

sidewalk bridge equipment ,sidewalk scaffolding
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